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Gayle R. Lewis, Ph.D., MSCS

  • Help couples learn how to listen to each other
  • Help couples learn how to speak to each other so that they ACTUALLY hear one another
  • Help couples learn the many different ways they communicate, especially in ways that are unconscious and therefore potentially problematic
  • Help couples decide how they want to proceed with each other going forward.

​If you would like help with any of these issues, call my office at: 212-360-5675 or text me at 917-727-0453.

I prefer using email or texting only to arrange or modify appointments. Please do not email me content related to your issues of concern, as email is not completely secure or confidential. If you choose to communicate with me by email, be aware that all emails are retained in the logs of your and my Internet service providers. While it is unlikely that someone will be looking at these logs, they are, in theory, available to be read by the system administrator(s) of the Internet service provider. You should also know that any emails I receive from you and any responses that I send to you become a part of your legal record.