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Gayle R. Lewis, Ph.D., MSCS

  • ​In this area, I provide guidance, support and empathy around the feelings and reactions in response to:
  • Being diagnosed, 
  • Living with such a diagnosis, 
  • Issues related to relationship and workplace concerns and stressors, 
  • Particular emphasis on helping those diagnosed live with a disease that is largely characterized by its uncertainty and unpredictability.

My years of work have also included and continue to provide treatment for issues of depression, anxiety and other psychological struggles. I work with adults, adolescents  and children aged 5 and older.Treatment supervision for mental health professionals is available on an individual basis.

Because of concerns related to confidentiality and privacy, please limit email correspondence to inquiry or comment about professional services. If you are interested in seeking a clinical consultation or further information about my practice, please contact me directly by phone or text.

  • I have also developed a specialty working with chronic diseases, with a particular focus on those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • I have specialized training and extensive experience working with victims of crime and trauma, providing a safe space to work through the many psychological ramifications of such emotional, psychic, sexual and physical assaults. 

  • Additionally I have cultivated ample skill, training and compassion working with those contending with eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, compulsive overeating and the like.

  • I facilitate a treatment that can help those with these conflicts around body and food to develop different, more constructive relationships with each and to find other sources of soothing, empowerment and control in their respective lives.

  • Having increased the Couples' work in my practice, it now includes Separation/Divorce Facilitation (from a psychological and NOT a legal vantage point) during which amenable couples are taken through prescribed steps of addressing and moving forward with the process of ending a marriage in a civil manner, in which each participant is given a chance to speak and be heard AND in which MY role is that of FACILITATOR, and not INTERPRETER.


Dr. Gayle Lewis maintains a private practice in New York City, New York. I operate a self-created, thriving and growing private practice, providing the following:

  • Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to individuals (Adults, Children and Adolescents) and couples: