I see Addictions and Compulsions as a way to manage the emotional dysregulation that stems from early, unresolved trauma and attachment issues. For most it's also a way to maintain a sense of control for those who have struggled with feeling of powerlessness and or/felt-helplessness growing up, and/or as adults in traumatic or toxic situations.

I view Addictions and Compulsions as Attachment or Developmental Disorders and as resilient ways to cope with the pain in our lives.

I use a combination of compassionate, and highly attuned Psychodynamic "Talk Therapy" to address these issues and encourage collaborative with with relevant 12-step programs. Additionally, I work with a team of practitioners whose added expertise may be recommended for your comprehensive care and recovery.

We can work on whatever goals you have From managing/ moderating your use, to achieving abstinence, or taking a break from use. I believe Addictions and Compulsions can be worked through; with the right approach and commitment to recovery, they are NOT life sentences. Some with progressed substance addictions will need to achieve abstinence- at least for a sustained period of time. This is individualized and we will discuss this. 

Together, collaboratively, we can create a plan, and I will be straight-forward about my recommendations. I will provide you with the compassionate and informed approaches that can lead you to success (however YOU define success). You just need to bring some amount of willingness, honesty and motivation  This I cannot provide for you. However, I can help you move towards the willingness, trust in the plan we create, and the motivation necessary to fully participate in this healing journey. Treatment/ Therapy is a partnership- we must work together. You are the expert; with your help, and my experience, expertise, compassion and honesty, healing is possible.