In this diagnostic area of CHRONIC ILLNESS, I provide guidance, support and empathy around the feelings and reactions in response to:

  • Being diagnosed,

  • Living with such a diagnosis,

  • Issues related to relationship and workplace concerns and stressors,

  • Particular emphasis on helping those diagnosed live with a disease that is largely characterized by its uncertainty and unpredictability.

  • Emphasizing MINDFULNESS around one's disease and using self-awareness about how one's MS affects an individual can actually empower that person to be more involved in making proactive decisions on his/her own behalf.

Honored with designation of MS Partner in Care through the National MS Society. Partners include health care professionals in the areas of neurology, mental health and rehabilitation, as well as sites that provide multi-disciplinary health care. Partners demonstrate knowledge, expertise and experience in MS care, and have a special interest in treating people living with multiple sclerosis. 

Presently a Program Consultant for Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, an organization that runs 1-5 day programs for MS Patients and their respective Support Partners with the overall mission to EMPOWER all participants. 

If you would like help with any of these issues, call my office at: 212-360-5675.

I prefer using email or texting only to arrange or modify appointments. Please do not email me content related to your issues of concern, as email is not completely secure or confidential. If you choose to communicate with me by email, be aware that all emails are retained in the logs of your and my Internet service providers. While it is unlikely that someone will be looking at these logs, they are, in theory, available to be read by the system administrator(s) of the Internet service provider. You should also know that any emails I receive from you and any responses that I send to you become a part of your legal record.