If you are seeking relief from conflict, stress, relationship angst, work strife, family disharmony, I can be of help.

I work from a very interactive model of verbal psychotherapy in which you speak of your concerns and, together we work to build upon those constructive mechanisms of coping that have continued to work well for you. In addition, we slowly introduce NEW methods of managing your difficulties, gradually building up what I call an ARSENAL of effective coping techniques - so that you have a choice during those difficult moments - and having a choice is EMPOWERING AND EGO STRENGTHENING.

I work to ensure the space of my consultation room is safe to explore and open up about those issues that might feel frightening and shameful to discuss - this is a judgement-free zone and, rather, a space in which, together we try to cultivate CURIOSITY about oneself and how you function and why. Self-knowledge is also extremely SELF-EMPOWERING.