On my first day of graduate school, we were asked what our orientation was...theoretically, speaking. 

ALL of my first year cohorts had a readied response for this question, while I experienced my first pull of conflict as my graduate career began.

"Psychodynamic" was what ultimately resonated with me; psychoanalysis soon thereafter became a school of thinking and  practicing that sensitized me to the nuances of human functioning, its many crevices, patterns, chasms, outliers, wonders,those pieces of us that we readily accept, and those that feel forbidden and shameful and require the help of our amazing defenses...and a gentle listener, a container of all that we are and all that makes us tick.

Someone who WANTS to know, to travel down the path of one's world without censor, but with openness.

I felt such a curiosity to understand and create as much room as possible for others to learn about themselves, how they move in the world, and because they never before considered it, how they might have other options for doing things differently BY gaining greater self-understanding. 

Gayle Lewis, Ph.D., MSCS.png