Stupid is No Excuse Because There is NO Excuse

What if it was your sister? Your daughter? Your granddaughter? Why would a woman EVER put herself in such a position for public decimation and a reliving of a devastatingly traumatic event if it wasn't to out the truth - her truth - THE truth of an event that DID happen. It doesn't matter that it was 30 years ago. Trauma inveigles its way into your soul, your bones, your sense-of-self - it changes you and stays with you even if you're not fully conscious of it. And when you are conscious of it, no one is going to voluntarily speak out so publically about it unless she/he was aware of what it would stir up and what kinds of shame she/he might re-feel all over again because speaking up is right thing to do. Think of all of the adults who recently acknowledged being repeatedly sexually abused by their priests when they were children - not being able to speak about it then - the resurging of shameful, terrorizing feelings that arose as a result of speaking about these horrors - who would voluntarily do that to themselves if there wasn't true meaning to doing it?

This man - this judge - no one - has the right to give (or accept from someone else) an excuse of being young and stupid as a reason for why an assault has taken place. For everything that has been claimed about Kavanaugh, there was no possible way he was or is "stupid." It's a ridiculous and demeaning excuse that has absolutely no merit and zero weight in a situation so serious and so life-changing - this is a man anyone wants as a judge in the highest court? A person who would accept an excuse of being "stupid" so that he could be confirmed for SCOTUS?