Repeat Offenders

I was asked to speak about domestic violence yesterday for this piece on Inside Edition. While most of the interview was cut due to time restraints, I spoke about the seeds of domestic violence for the violator, that it takes OWNING the responsibility for being abusive in order for change to happen (and Rob Porter vehemently denies all charges); how people in relationships in which there is domestic violence have enormous difficulty extricating themselves from the relationship and the reasons why. I was asked if Hope Hicks is in danger of being abused because she is dating Rob Porter - I acknowledged that she is already in an abusive relationship by working for a man who is a BULLY and abusive and thinks it's ok to grab a woman by her genitals because of who he is, a man who was accused of rape by his first wife...perhaps it's a dynamic that Ms. Hicks knows and, therefore is drawn to Mr. Porter's dynamic familiarity that puts her in a position of being vulnerable to abuse. I can't say for sure (no one can) if she will be abused by this man, but I do believe that, until Mr. Porter recognizes his behavior and acknowledges it fully for the impact it has had and the danger he presents, she is best to remove herself from the relationship while it's in its early stages...if she can and if she has sufficient support and resources to help her do so. It's so often a task of removing oneself that is impossible to do on your own.