A Survivor's Story

This is an exceptionally brave man. Not everyone who's been sexually abused talks about it as openly as he has here. Not everyone who's been sexually abused as a child even tells the "non-abusive" parent because of fear of imagined or threatened repercussions, but he did tell his mother...and she kept him in the lion's den of rape. It is often said that it is NOT the abusive adult committing the violating behavior that is most to blame, but it is the absent parent who bears the most fault - in this case, even if the author hadn't told her, the theory is, she MUST have known - she is his mother after all, she lives in the same home. Mother's know. That's what is said. However, in this case, she was told by her son this was happening, kicked her husband out, allowed him back in and when he physically abused her in earshot of this paper's author, she didn't kick him out again. Childhood rape leaves indelible footprints on its victims. In this man's case, it seems like he kept trying to find his way through...that takes hope and a desire for self-preservation. Not always easy to access when you're led to believe that being raped is part of the normal fabric of your life. Please read this.