Can One Become Resilient To the Ongoing Threat of Trauma?

I once supervised a young woman who grew up in Jordan, here in the States for her graduate school training to become a psychologist. At the time, some of the cases we discussed were trauma-oriented, thus we often spoke about coping with trauma. This was also around 9/11 and no one here was untouched by that traumatic day. I recall her telling me that, growing up in Jordan, she was used to the sounds of explosions because it happened so regularly. It was almost as if it didn't faze her anymore.

I came across this article on CNN's website about Israeli psychologists finding their way to work with Parkland, Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students, equipping them with coping skills that have been found to be useful in many Israeli areas, given constant awareness that a bomb might hit...and how to manage living day to day, moving forward, doing regular things without that fear getting in the way.